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Hiking around Bruneck

Right at the intersection of the splendid variety of mountains in the Kronplatz region lies its urban center: Bruneck. Where exactly does the city end? The transition to forest and meadows is a fluid one. Hikers stride through the city gates, and before they know it, the buildings have given way and they find themselves once again on one of the many strolling or hiking paths that surround Bruneck like a fine mesh. Many excursions can be begun right from the heart of the city and lead to the surrounding villages: Gais, Perca-Percha, S. Lorenzo-St. Lorenzen, or Falzes-Pfalzen. Along the edge of the path are fountains for drinking and dining establishments. Fresh water from bubbling springs cools down overheated hikers. Delicious dishes fill hungry mouths.
An adventure in nature for the little researchers, and churches and castles for those spirits hungry for knowledge are strewn throughout the countryside and villages.  
Anyone who expands their radius will find access to the heights with a full panorama view.  Bruneck’s own local mountain is His Majesty, the Kronplatz in person. Speedhikers can conquer the path to the summit in one and a half hours, while mere mortals may wish to add two hours to that. The 360 degree view of the entire mountain world of the Kronplatz region is worth the effort each and every time. 

Always toward the summit
Mountaineering around Bruneck

Those who love mountain climbing will at some point in their lives come to South Tyrol, because where else are the mountains more beautiful? The Pustertal valley forms the vertex between the main ridge of the Alps and the Dolomites, and the main city of Bruneck is the ideal starting point for a tour. Starting out radially from there, all courses for mountain tours can be followed, with just short trips by car or else with public transportation. Those who do not wish to travel all that far can get from Pfalzen directly to the famous Fundres-Pfunderer Mountain Trail, which can be managed over a total of six daily stages.
Towering above Gais are the majestic peaks of the Rieserferner chain. Peaks that are very popular and also easy to conquer for families are the Schönbichl, Sambock, Rammelstein, and Burgstall. And those who prefer to take it a little easier can head up from Reischach with the gondola to the peak of the Kronplatz, to be astonished there by the 360° mountain panorama.

in Bruneck and surroundings
Bruneck and surroundings
Archaeological Panoramic Trail
Distance 5,0 km
Duration 1 h 45 min
Height difference 65 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Hiking tour to the Earth pyramides
Distance 1,6 km
Duration 35 min
Height difference 127 m
Bruneck and surroundings
LandArt trail
Distance 2,3 km
Duration 1 h 00 min
Height difference 48 m
Sambock | © Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus, Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus
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Bruneck and surroundings
Alpine tour to the Sambock
Distance 4,2 km
Duration 2 h 30 min
Height difference 794 m
Grünbachsee | © TV Kiens, Kiens
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Bruneck and surroundings
Hiking to Putzenhöhe/Cima Pozzo
Distance 11,3 km
Duration 4 h 10 min
Height difference 841 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Alpine tour on the summit “Bloßberg” in Uttenheim/Villa Ottone
Distance 6,5 km
Duration 5 h 00 min
Height difference 1.783 m
autumn mood | © Tourismusverein Kiens, Kiens
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Bruneck and surroundings
Ins Almgebiet der Rodenecker - Lüsner Almen
Distance 10,7 km
Duration 4 h 30 min
Height difference 694 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Art along the way - Moarberger pond
Distance 0,8 km
Duration 12 min
Height difference 14 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Art along the way - Panorama path
Distance 0,9 km
Duration 19 min
Height difference 66 m
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