Rafting & Canyoning
Between urban center and wilderness
Rafting | © KreativRaft
Rafting | © KreativRaft
Rafting | © KreativRaft
Man jumps from waterfall | © KreativRaft
Thunderous river trips on the Rienz river
Rafting & Canyoning around Bruneck

Even though Bruneck is the main city in the green Pustertal valley, just how close it is to untamed nature becomes abundantly clear when someone decides to go on a rafting or canyoning tour. With a drive of just a few miles, you are quickly in the water, experiencing the Rienz river in all of its facets, sometimes lively, sometimes roaring, sometimes gentle, sometimes impetuous. Just a little while ago taking a stroll through the historical town center, and now you’re getting spray in your face. 
And on top of that, not far from Bruneck adventurers have the possibility of moving between the elements: from rock to water and then back again – with canyoning, there is the unique chance to discover the most out of the way and wildest parts of the Pustertal valley. It is best to contact the team from KreativRaft in Bruneck as competent companions for genuine nature adventures.


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