Holiday with dog

Four-legged guests are also warmly welcome!

To ensure a pleasant vacation for all guests, here are some tips on how dogs and their owners should behave properly.


Rules of behaviour

  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash, which must not be longer than 1.5 meters. This does not apply to the off-leash areas designated by the municipality.
  • The dog handler must always have a muzzle with them. When necessary (train rides, bus rides) and whenever there is a danger to others, it must be put on.
  • The dog handler must ensure that the animal's droppings are removed and, of course, always carry the necessary tools. For hygienic reasons, this also applies to the designated off-leash areas.
Off-leash areas Rules of behaviour

Means of transport

  • Leash and muzzle are mandatory on all public transport (except guide dogs)
  • Information about ticket fares at
  • Kronplatz cable cars: Dogs are allowed in the cabins of the cable cars and travel for free

Dogs are not allowed...

  • most museums
  • cemeteries
  • children's playgrounds
  • the courtyards of kindergartens and primary schools
  • agricultural areas during the growing season from April 1st to October 31st
  • fountains in public areas
Dog regulation

Useful information

Veterinary Service Bruneck
Paternsteig 3, Bruneck

T +39 0474 586 550


Veterinary Clinic Bruneck

Stuckstr. 5a, Bruneck

T +39 0474 412 077

T +39 340 717 19 87


Veterinarian Dr. Amendola

Brunecker Str. 21a, St. Lorenzen

T +39 0474 496 370

T +39 348 420 64 69


Dog Boarding Tierhobby


T +39 0474 555 882
T +39 347 434 13 71

T +39 347 964 89 59


Dog Boarding St. Franziskus

Salla Str. 6, Olang

T +39 0474 496 370

T +39 348 605 68 33