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Winter hiking around Bruneck

Anyone who enjoys hiking in the summer does not have to do without it in the winter. Many groomed hiking trails offer the possibility throughout the winter months of experiencing nature in its snow-covered grandeur right up close. Groomed paths are found above all else in valley locations and in the higher valleys. Favorite winter hiking trails include the Villa di Sopra-Oberwielenbach valley above Perca-Percha and the Rio Molino-Mühlbach valley above Gais. Those who would like to head higher up and get to know the mountain landscape of the Pustertal valley should get accordingly equipped and pack a pair of snowshoes into the backpack. A winter hike can also be very nicely combined with a descent by sled.

Winter hiking trails
in Bruneck and surroundings
Bruneck and surroundings
Farm hike between Chienes/Kiens and San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund
Distance 8,3 km
Duration 3 h 00 min
Height difference 270 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Winter hiking Haidenberg
Distance 2,0 km
Duration 1 h 00 min
Height difference 343 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Winter hike Valdaora di Sotto - Brunico / Niederolang - Bruneck
Distance 10,3 km
Duration 3 h 34 min
Height difference 210 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Winter hiking tour to the Walder Alp Hut
Distance 1,6 km
Duration 1 h 00 min
Height difference 370 m

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