Themed trails
Hiking between art and culture

Themed trails around Bruneck

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Whether with the whole family or for challenging hiking days – On the themed trails in and around Bruneck there is a lot more to discover while hiking in addition to a fascinating natural landscape.
Art forms nature
Art along the way

Art Along The Way shows that art and nature can indeed be in harmony and that they can even merge with one another. Extraordinary art objects have been incorporated into the picturesque backdrop of the Reischach hiking trails, which sometimes only the attentive hiker can discover.

The artworks were positioned by Ursula Pescoller herself in carefully selected places along the paths so that they are embedded in the idyll of the woods and merge with them.

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Now it’s time to listen
Legend trail

The market town of St. Lorenzen benefits from a great treasure trove of legends. To make it better known to the wider public, the Legend Trail was built.

Let yourself be inspired by captivation stories!

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Insights into the past and views of nature
Archaeological panoramic trail

On a walk along the archaeological panoramatrail on the Sonnenburger Kopf in St. Lorenzen you will encounter traces of the Bronze, Iron and Roman Ages. Display boards explain the excavation sites. Sixteen display boards along the specially created trail provide information on the excavations and the finds that are currently housed in the Mansio Sebatum museum.

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Time travel to the 20th century
Bunker hike

Running across mostly level meadows and woods, the circular bunker trail runs from central Montal near St. Lorenzen to several WWII bunker complexes and back to the village:


Bunker No. 10
The exhibition bunker is the complex number 10 - which was already fully operational in 1942. This Bunker was also equipped with weapons (gun and machine guns) and even prepared for a possible attack with nuclear weapons. Today, Bunker no. 10 is privately owned and open for guided tours upon requests.


“Genussbunker” - culinary delights bunker
This converted WW2 relic now houses a fine selection of local and international cheese specialities. The so called “Genussbunker” of Montal is the first one in South Tyrol which was adapted to refine, mature and store speciality cheese varieties.

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When art and nature merge
LandArt trail

LandArt is art in nature and with nature, nature is its creative space.

Using different materials and techniques, the artists in Pfalzen combine the offerings of nature with their own inspirations to create a new unique entity.

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Pustertal plateau of the central mountain range
Four Churches Trail

The Four Churches Trail leads through the diverse natural and cultural landscape of the Pustertal plateau of the central mountain range. The churches of St Valentin in Greinwalden, St Cyriak in Pfalzen, St Nikolaus in Issing and St Johannes in Hasenried represent special signposts. These places of energy also offer spiritual impulses for the way ahead. It is also possible and worthwhile to walk individual sections.

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From the oldest witnesses
The rocks tell a tale

Anyone who hikes through the surroundings of Pfalzen with their eyes open will be confronted again and again with the material of stone, and specifically in its most varied of forms.

The stones we encounter on this themed trail are ancient.

Passing through a gate, you arrive at the themed trail “The Rocks Tell a Tale”. It continues through the cultural landscape of Pfalzen with its different aspects and, at the end, leads back through the same gate to the starting point.

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To the hardworking helpers
Honey hill trail

The name Honigberg, which translates as “honey hill”, describes the sunny hillside of Pfalzen that was ideally suited to beekeeping and the plentiful production of honey.

This adventure trail showcases the extraordinary interaction between nature and wildlife and invites you to relax and unwind. Handmade larch benches in great vantage points invite you to enjoy the beautiful views.

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Great personalities
Culture trail

The Gais Culture Path leads to Neuhaus Castle, inviting you to meditate and to linger.
Along the path, artists have installed works honouring famous people who previously lived and worked in Gais. They are minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein, American poet Ezra Pound, his daughter Mary de Rachewiltz, and the Bacher family of artist.

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The power of nature

Earth, water, air and fire – the four elements accompany nature lovers and hikers on the seven themed trails in Gais, which have been renovated, extended and brought together as part of the leader project “Gais Adventure Community: the power of nature. Experience the forces of nature.”

From the easy valley hike and family-friendly circular trail with places to play through to the challenging course high above the villages, there is something to suit every preference. Whilst out and about there are information panels telling of the influence of the four elements on the local people, nature and cultural landscape, highlighting their importance throughout history to the present day.

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Explore the natural monument
"Pyramidipfad" trail

The Pyramidipfad trail reveals how the earth pyramids came into being, why they constantly change their shape and colour, and the role that the clouds play in this process. It is a lovely adventure trail that lets hikers in on the secrets of the legendary Percha earth pyramids as it winds through the forest. A real adventure for young and not so young explorers!

Places tell stories
Into the green

In 1870 a group of dedicated Bruneck citizens founded the first town improvement society in Tyrol.  In 2020, on its 150th anniversary, a project was initiated – “1870 – Escape into the Green” – that examined the fascinating history and development of tourism in the region.

Eighteen permanent sites in and around Bruneck invite people to explore anew the town and its surroundings. Paths that were first created in the 19th century guide walkers to atmospheric vantage points.

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Harald Wisthaler | © Harald Wisthaler, Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus
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Bruneck and surroundings
The story of stones
Distance 16,3 km
Duration 3 h 00 min
Ascent 422 m
Decent 422 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Art along the way - Moarberger pond
Distance 0,8 km
Duration 12 min
Ascent 9 m
Decent 21 m
Honigbergweg | © Harald Wisthaler, Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus
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Bruneck and surroundings
Collina del Miele/Honigbergweg
Distance 8,4 km
Duration 4 h 00 min
Ascent 422 m
Decent 422 m
Bruneck and surroundings
LandArt trail
Distance 2,3 km
Duration 1 h 00 min
Ascent 49 m
Decent 49 m
Bruneck and surroundings
The "Lanebach" Circuit (Element paths)
Distance 6,1 km
Duration 2 h 15 min
Ascent 588 m
Decent 588 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Art along the way - Panorama path
Distance 0,9 km
Duration 19 min
Ascent 68 m
Decent 5 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Four Churches Trail - variant Sichelburg castle
Distance 7,3 km
Duration 2 h 05 min
Ascent 207 m
Decent 146 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Four Churches Trail - variant St Martin church in Hofern
Distance 10,1 km
Duration 3 h 02 min
Ascent 409 m
Decent 192 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Legend Trail
Distance 3,7 km
Duration 1 h 01 min
Ascent 86 m
Decent 86 m
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