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Bruneck and surroundings
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The Gais Culture Path leads over the stream divide to Neuhaus Castle and is the perfect invitation to meditating or just lounging around. Along the path, artists have installed works with which prominent personalities are acknowledged who formerly lived and worked in Gais. They are the troubadour Oswald von Wolkenstein, American poet Ezra Pound, his daughter Mary de Rachewiltz, and the sculptors Heinrich and Franz Bacher. At the same time, for attentive observers, the path presents itself as an enrichment for the soul, a silent bit of happiness in an increasingly loud world. Even though its total length is two kilometers (a mile and a quarter), at many places there is a clear view on the former Gais scree cone, on the village itself with its Romanesque church, and on the facing hill on which the majestic remnants of the Chela-Kehlburg fortress stands.
Route data
2,0 km
36 min
94 m
94 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
925 m
Lowest point
832 m
The culture trail begins at the entrance of Gais, near the Sonne Inn. You follow the road that leads up through the village and soon encounter the first information board and the first art object, a man-sized cage that is supposed to symbolise Ezra Pound's imprisonment. The path continues on a slight incline through the forest, where you repeatedly encounter various works of art. You continue to Neuhaus Castle and from there take the access path leading down to the former "Pfleger Haus", a building next to the Zoller Inn. The narrow path along the main road finally takes you back to the starting point.
How to get there
Public transport from Mobility Center Bruneck/Brunico:
With the bus 450 to Gais, bus stop "Dorf/Paese".
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