Earth Pyramids in Perca/Percha

The Earth Pyramids in Percha - Several hundred years ago there was a landslide caused by a storm, which cut off the existing cart track between the Thalerhof and Aschbach. It would have been easy to fill in the gap with earth, but nobody did it, as the route was not an important one. In 1882 there was again a great storm, and a large trench formed. Through repeated flooding and washing out of the side slopes, these loamy pillar structures remained standing where the heavier stones lay. The earth pyramids change constantly, and new pillars form all the time, especially in winter and spring. The erosion area is situated at a height of 1550 to 1750 meters above sea level and is the most significant incidence of earth pyramids in the Puster Valley, particularly because of the many different sizes of formation.Erdpyramiden Oberwielebach Earth pyramids have something in common with both the mountain lakes and the Dolomites - it is often difficult to say what colour they really are. Their hue changes depending on the time of day and light conditions, and anyone who visits the same group more than once will always feel differently about their colouring.

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