Four Churches Trail - variant bus stop Hofern

Bruneck and surroundings
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The Four Churches Trail leads through the diverse natural and cultural landscape of the Pustertal plateau of the central mountain range. The churches of St. Valentin in Greinwalden/Grimaldo, St. Cyriak in Pfalzen/Falzes, St. Nikolaus in Issing/Issengo and St. Johannes in Haselried represent special signposts. These places of energy also offer spiritual impulses for the way ahead.

Route data
8,5 km
2 h 24 min
233 m
200 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
1.051 m
Lowest point
914 m

The starting point of the Four Churches Trail is Greinwalden/Grimaldo. From here you reach St. Valentine's Church, the first stage of the themed trail, which is one of the architectural jewels of the valley's late Gothic style. The trail continues along markings 7 and 17A to the centre of Pfalzen/Falzes, where the parish church of St. Cyriak and the Holy Family is located. St. Cyriak was once a deacon in Rome and suffered martyrdom under Emperor Diocletian. The high altarpiece, a work by Karl von Henrici, portrays this martyrdom. Next, follow path no. 7 to the church of St. Nicholas in Issing/Issengo. At first sight, it seems to have all the characteristics of Gothic architecture, but if you take a look inside, you will see that it has Baroque features. Then trail no. 5 leads to the Issing pond, from where you walk to Mühlen (marker 1) and on to Hasenried. The last stage of the themed trail was once a much-visited pilgrimage site, as its spring water was said to have special healing powers. The church of Hasenried is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and was built in the simple late Gothic style. From Hasenried, continue in the direction of Schöneck Castle, birthplace of the famous minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein (paths 7 and 18B), and after a total of 50 minutes walking you reach the hamlet Hofern/Corti, where in the middle of a meadow clearing you will find St. Martin's Church, whose nave walls have been preserved in the Romanesque style. From Hofern/Corti, bus no. 421 takes you back to Greinwalden. Alternatively, you can hike back to Hasenried, then walk along the Pfaffensteig trail in direction Pfalzen and finally return to the starting point of the theme trail along trails 7 and 17A.
It is also possible and worthwhile to walk individual sections of the Four Churches Trail.

Attention: St. Valentine's Church and St. John the Baptist Church are closed and can be visited only with a guide (on request). The little chapel next to the church in Hasenried is always open.

How to get there

Public transport from Mobility Center Bruneck/Brunico:
With the bus 421 or 422 to Greinwalden/Grimaldo.

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