Open Air Concert Seiler & Speer

The duo “Seiler und Speer” consists of the comedian and actor Christopher Seiler and the filmmaker Bernhard Speer. Characteristic of her songs are lifelike lyrics that caricature different everyday situations. With their new, third album “Für immer” SEILER UND SPEER continued their unique success story. The singles “Ois OK”, “Ala bin” (including orchestra, arranged and conducted by Christian Kolonovits) and “Herr Inspektor” ran up and down the radio stations. At the tour stop in Bruneck, the audience can look forward to all the other hits and classics. Tickets: adults € 45, kids under 12 years € 25 Ticket pre-sale online on
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30.06.2022 20:30 - 23:30 (Duration 03 h 00 min)
Town Hall Square
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