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Bruneck and surroundings
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Culture and landscapes

Following the Rio Verde/Grünbach stream, this pleasant hike runs through a narrow gorge all the way up to Schöneck Castle, which towers proudly upon a rock protrusion. Not far from the castle, an extremely unusual columnar crown spruce "snakes" its way towards the skies – a tree so rare that this specimen has long been declared a natural monument. From the castle mound, an ancient pilgrims' trail takes the hiker to the small Gothic church of Hasenried, where a spring sanctuary is said to have once provided relief for pilgrims suffering from eye complaints. The route then continues on to Falzes/Pfalzen along the Pfaffensteig trail, passing through many a rural landscape dotted with old stone walls which offer a natural roadside barrier and a tempting spot for a quiet moment to catch your breath in a peaceful and utterly picturesque setting. They are a pretty reminder of the ancient skills and traditions formerly practised in the many local stone masonry workshops, some of which can still be found in Falzes/Pfalzen, where granite is skilfully sculpted into works of art.
From the village centre, hike past the sports grounds and follow the trail towards Irenberg and Lake Issengo/Issing. This small yet idyllic lake is a true paradise for nature lovers and an ideal place for a longer break. Just off the lake shores, the herb gardens of the Bergila Mountain Pine Oil Distillery are yet another natural gem, and the last leg of the route rewards its hikers with a scented spot in the shade, perfect for cooling down your weary feet in the Rio Verde/Grünbach stream.
Stop at for a break at Gasthof Schöneck, Seegasthaus Issinger Weiher or Gasthof Irenberg.

Route data
12,1 km
3 h 27 min
341 m
341 m
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Highest point
1.054 m
Lowest point
785 m
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Kiens - Parking Center

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