Bruneck Bike Opening


Bruneck Bike Opening


Town Hall Square
Bruneck Bike Opening

The Town Hall Square of Bruneck will be transformed into a vibrant bike centre.


From special practice courses for children to a bike check-up and riding technique training, there will be something for everyone!


Special highlight: The bike guides of the Bike School Kronplatz offer the following tours:


  • Basic tour (11 am): Town Hall Square - Kaiserwarte - Reischach - Lamprechtsburg - Town Hall Square

During the tour, participants are taught the basics such as correct shifting, braking, cornering technique and correct weight shifting.


  • Bike technique training (11 am): 1 hour of pure technique training on the practice course at the Town Hall Square. Afterwards, you can try out what you have learnt on a tour towards the Kaiserwarte.


  • E-bike trail tour (2 pm): Town Hall Square - Lamprechtsburg - Amaten - St. Georgen - Pfalzen - Irenberg - Town Hall Square

For all those who want to test their skills on the trails and downhill routes and get some advice on the right cornering technique and weight distribution.


  • Only Woman Ride (2 pm): Town Hall Square - Lamprechtsburg - Reischach - Stefansdorf - Maria Saalen - Town Hall Square

A concentrated load of women's power on 2 wheels, on firm but also loose surfaces, with particular emphasis on riding technique.


Registration in advance at or directly at the Bruneck Bike Opening!

These tours can also be booked for the 19 and 20 May!



And for our younger guests: The Vitamin F Club bike guides offer the following tours for children aged 5 and over:


  • City Safari (11 am): A bike tour through the city. Duration approx. 2 hours.


  • Forest safari (11 am): a bike tour through the woods around Bruneck. Duration approx. 2 hours.